(Last revised: 10 October 2003)

Based on an idea from the British Science Museum - 26/09/2001.
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Phobia Details
AblutophobiaA fear of washing or bathing
Acarophobia1. A fear of insects
Acarophobia2. A fear of mites
Acarophobia3. A fear of small things, especially bugs
Acarophobia4. A fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching
AcerbophobiaSee acerophobia
AcerophobiaThe fear of sourness
AchluophobiaA fear of darkness or of the night
AcousticophobiaA fear of noise
AcrophobiaFear of heights
AelurophobiaSee ailurophobia
AeroacrophobiaSee aerophobia
Aerophobia1. A fear of air
Aerophobia2. A fear of flying
AgoraphobiaA fear of open places
AgrizoophobiaA fear of wild animals
AgrophobiaSee Agoraphobia
AgyiophobiaThe fear of streets or crossing the street
AichmophobiaA fear of pointed or sharp objects
AichmorhabdophobiaA fear of being beaten with a pointed stick
AichurophobiaThe fear of being touched by a pointed object
AilurophobiaA fear of cats
AlbophobiaThe fear of white people
AlbuminuriaphobiaA fear of kidney disease
AlektorophobiaA fear of chickens
AlgophobiaA fear of pain
AlliumphobiaA fear of garlic
AllodoxaphobiaA fear of other people's opinions
AlopeciaphobiaA fear of going bald
AltophobiaA fear of heights or high places
AlychiphobiaThe fear of failure
AmathophobiaA fear of dust
AmaxophobiaA fear of riding in automobiles
AmbiguphobiaA fear of being misunderstood
AmbulophobiaThe fear of walking
AmomaxiaphobiaA fear of making love in an automobile
AmychophobiaA fear of being scratched
AnablepophobiaA fear of looking at high places
AndrophobiaA fear of men
AnemophobiaThe fear of wind
AnginophobiaA fear of choking or suffocating
AnkylophobiaA fear of joint immobility
AnthophobiaA fear of flowers
AnthrophobiaThe fear of people
AnthropophobiaSee anthrophobia
AntlophobiaA fear of floods or flooding
AnuptaphobiaThe fear of staying unmarried
ApeirophobiaA fear of infinity
AphephobiaThe fear of touching or being touched
ApiophobiaA fear of bees
AquaphobiaThe fear of water
ArachibutyrophobiaFear of peanut butter
ArachnophobiaThe fear of spiders
ArithmophobiaA fear of numbers
ArrhenophobiaA fear of male offspring
AsthenophobiaThe fear of weakness
AstrapophobiaThe fear of thunder and lightning
AstrophobiaThe fear of stars
AtaxiophobiaA fear of disorder
AtelophobiaA fear of defects or imperfections
AtelophobiaA fear of Perfection
AtephobiaA fear of rivers
AtychiphobiaA fear of failure
AulophobiaA fear of flutes
AurophobiaA fear of gold
AutodysomophobiaA fear of one's own body odour
AutomysophobiaA fear of being dirty
AviatophobiaA fear of flying
BacillophobiaA fear of germs
BallistophobiaA fear of being shot, or of guns and missles
BarophobiaA fear of gravity
BasiphobiaThe fear of walking
BasistasiphobiaThe fear of standing and walking
BasophobiaSee basiphobia
BataphobiaA fear of heights or high places
BathophobiaA fear of depth
BathysiderodromophobiaFear of subways
BatophobiaA fear of tall buildings
BatrachophobiaA fear of frogs or toads
BdellophobiaA fear of leeches
BelonephobiaA fear of pins and needles
BibliophobiaA fear of books
BlennophobiaA fear of slime
BlennophobiaA fear of Myxophobia Slime
BogyphobiaA fear of goblins
BotanophobiaA fear of plants
BromidrosiphobiaA fear of body odour or sweat
BrontophobiaThe fear of thunder
CacohydrophobiaThe fear of sewer water
CainophobiaA fear of anything new
CainotophobiaSee cainophobia
CalligyniaphobiaThe fear of beautiful women
CarcinomatophobiaSee carcinophobia
CarcinophobiaA fear of cancer
CarnophobiaA fear of meat
CatagelophobiaA fear of ridicule
CatapedaphobiaA fear of jumping from a high (or low) place
CathisophobiaA fear of sitting
CatoptrophobiaA fear of mirrors
CerebropathophobiaA fear of going insane because of a disease
ChaetophobiaA fear of hair
CheimaphobiaA fear of coldness or being cold
CheimatophobiaSee cheimaphobia
CherophobiaA fear of merriment
ChionophobiaA fear of snow
ChorophobiaA fear of dancing
ChorophobiaFear of dancing
ChrematophobiaA fear of money
ChrematophobiaThe fear of wealth
ChromatophobiaSee chromophobia
ChromophobiaA fear of colours
ChronophobiaThe fear of time
ChrysophobiaA fear of gold
CibophobiaA fear of food
CleisiophobiaA fear of enclosed spaces
CleptophobiaThe fear of thieves or of becoming a thief
ClimacophobiaThe fear of falling downstairs
ClinophobiaA fear of going to bed
ClithrophobiaA fear of enclosed spaces
CnidophobiaA fear of insect stings
CnidosiphobiaA fear of itching
CoimetrophobiaSee koimetrophobia
CoprophobiaA fear of excrement
CoprostasiphobiaA fear of constipation
CremnophobiaA fear of precipices or cliffs
CrocophobiaA fear of AJOS
CryophobiaA fear of ice or frost
CymophobiaThe fear of waves
CynophobiaA fear of dogs
CyprianophobiaThe fear of prostitutes
CypridophobiaSee cyprianophobia
DecidophobiaA fear of making decisions
DefecalgesiophobiaA fear of defecation
DeipnophobiaA fear of dinner conversation
DementophobiaA fear of insanity or going insane
DemonophobiaA fear of demons
DemophobiaA fear of crowds or people
DendrophobiaThe fear of trees
DermatopathophobiaA fear of skin diseases
DermatophobiaA fear of skin
DextrophobiaA fear of the right or things to the right
DidaskaleinophobiaA fear of school
DidaskaleinophobiaA fear of going to school
DikephobiaA fear of justice
DinophobiaA fear of dizziness
DipsomanophobiaA fear of drinking alcohol
DipsophobiaA fear of drinking alcohol
DishabillophobiaThe fear of undressing or undressing in front of someone
DivitiphobiaThe fear of wealth
DomatophobiaA fear of houses or being stuck in a house
DoraphobiaA fear of fur or animal skins
DromophobiaThe fear of streets or crossing the street
DysmorphophobiaA fear of being deformed
DystychiphobiaA fear of accidents
EcclesiophobiaA fear of churches
EchinoproctousHaving a spiny or prickly rump (like a pocupine) Ecophobia - A fear of one's home
EisoptrophobiaA fear of mirrors
EisoptrophobiaA fear of seeing oneself in the mirror
ElectrophobiaA fear of electricity
EleutherophobiaA fear of freedom
ElurophobiaA fear of cats
EmetophobiaThe fear of vomiting
EnetophobiaA fear of pins and needles
EnissophobiaSee enosiophobia
EnochlophobiaA fear of crowds
EnoptrophobiaA fear of mirrors
EnosiophobiaThe fear that one has commited an unpardonable sin
EntomophobiaA fear of insects
EosophobiaA fear of the dawn
EpistaxiophobiaA fear of nose bleeds
EquinophobiaA fear of horses
EremikophobiaA fear of sand or deserts
EremophobiaA fear of being alone
**EremophobiaThe fear of stillness
EreuthrophobiaSee Erythrophobia
ErgasophobiaThe fear of work
ErgophobiaThe fear of work
ErotographophobiaThe fear of writing love letters
ErythrophobiaA fear of blushing
EuphobiaA fear of good news
FebriphobiaA fear of fever
FelinophobiaA fear of cats
FibriophobiaSee febriphobia
FriendorphobiaA fear of forgetting a password
GaleophobiaA fear of cats
**GaleophobiaA fear of sharks
GametophobiaSee gamophobia
GamophobiaA fear of marriage
GatophobiaSee galeophobia
GelophobiaA fear of laughter
GeniophobiaA fear of chins
GenuphobiaA fear of knees
Gephyrophobiathe fear of crossing bridges.
GerasophobiaA fear of old age or of growing old
GerontophobiaA fear of old age or of growing old
GeumaphobiaThe fear of taste
GeumatophobiaSee geumaphobia
GlossophobiaThe fear of speaking, especially in public
GraphophobiaThe fear of writing or of the written word
GymnophobiaA fear of nudity
GynephobiaThe fear of women
GynophobiaSee gynephobia
HamartophobiaA fear of sin or of sinning
HaphephobiaSee aphephobia
HaptephobiaSee aphephobia
HarpaxophobiaThe fear of thieves or of becoming a thief
HebephobiaThe fear of young people
HedonophobiaA fear of pleasure
HeliophobiaThe fear of the Sun
HellenologophobiaA fear of Greek terms or complex terminology
HelminthophobiaThe fear of becoming infested with worms
HemlinthophobiaA fear of Worms
HemaphobiaSee Hematophobia
HematophobiaA fear of blood or the sight of blood
HemophobiaSee Hematophobia
HeresyphobiaA fear of heresy
HerpetophobiaA fear of reptiles
HierophobiaA fear of the clergy or of holy people
HippophobiaA fear of horses
HodophobiaThe fear of travelling
HomichlophobiaA fear of fog
HomilophobiaA fear of sermons
HormephobiaA fear of shock
HyalophobiaA fear of glass
HydragyophobiaA fear of mercurial medicines
HydrophobiaThe fear of water
HydrophobophobiaA fear of rabies
HydrophobophobiaThe fear of hydrophobia
HyetophobiaA fear of rain
HygrophobiaA fear of dampness
HygrophobiaA fear of liquids
HylephobiaA fear of epilepsy
HylephobiaA fear of materialism
HylophobiaA fear of forests
HypegiaphobiaSee hypengyophobia
HypengyophobiaA fear of responsibility
HypnophobiaA fear of sleeping
HypophobiaA fear of not being afraid
HypselotimophobiaA fear of high prices
HypsiphobiaA fear of heights or high places
IatrophobiaA fear of going to the doctor
**IcthyophobiaA fear of fish
IllyngophobiaThe fear of vertigo
IophobiaA fear of poison or being poisoned
IophobiaA fear of rust
IsopterophobiaThe fear of termites
KainophobiaSee cainophobia
KainotophobiaSee cainophobia
KakidrosiphobiaA fear of body odour or sweat
KakorrhaphiophobiaA fear of failure
**KakorraphiaphobiaA fear of failure
KatagelophobiaSee catagelophobia
KathisophobiaSee cathisophobia
KenophobiaThe fear of open spaces
KeraunophobiaThe fear of thunderbolts (lightning or thunder and lightning) Keraunoscopia - Divination using thunder
KeraunothnetophobiaA fear of failure of man-made satelites
KinesophobiaA fear of motion or movement
KoimetrophobiaA fear of cemeteries
KoinoniphobiaA fear of a room full of people
KoniophobiaA fear of dust
KopophobiaA fear of being mentally or physically exhausted
KymophobiaSee cymophobia
KynophobiaSee cynophobia
KyphophobiaThe fear of stooping
LachanophobiaThe fear of vegetables
LachanophobiaThe fear of vegetables
LaliophobiaSee lalophobia
LalophobiaThe fear of speaking
LepidophobiaA fear of butterflies
LeukophobiaThe fear of the color white
LevophobiaA fear of the left side or things to the left
LigyrophobiaA fear of loud noises
LilapsophobiaA fear or hurricanes, cyclones, or tornadoes
LimnophobiaA fear of lakes
LinonophobiaThe fear of string
LitigaphobiaA fear of being sued or of lawsuits
LogophobiaThe fear of words
MachiaphobiaThe fear of war
MaieusiophobiaSee maieuticophobia
MaieuticophobiaA fear of childbirth
MalaxophobiaA fear of love play, especially in women
MaledictaphobiaFear of bad words
MastigophobiaThe fear of whipping or being whipped
MechanophobiaA fear of machinery
MegalophobiaA fear of large things
MelissophobiaA fear of bees
MelophobiaA fear of music
MerinthophobiaA fear of being tied and bound
MetallophobiaA fear of metals
MeteorophobiaA fear of meteors
MetrophobiaA fear of poetry
MetrophobiaA hatred or fear of poetry
MicrophobiaA fear of small things
MnemophobiaA fear of memories
MolysomophobiaA fear of contamination
MonopathophobiaA fear of a specific disease
MonophobiaThe fear of a single thing
MuriphobiaA fear of mice or rats
MusophobiaA fear of mice or rats
MyctophobiaA fear of darkness or of the night
MyrmecophobiaA fear of ants
Mysophobia1. A fear of contamination
Mysophobia2. The fear of uncleanliness
MyxophobiaA fear of slime
NebulaphobiaA fear of clouds or of fog
NecrophobiaA fear of corpses
NecropoliphobiaA fear of cemeteries
NelophobiaA fear of glass
NeopharmaphobiaA fear of new medicines or drugs
NeophobiaA fear of anything that is new
NephelophobiaSee nephophobia
NephophobiaA fear of clouds
NoctiphobiaSee nyctophobia
NomatophobiaA fear of names
NosomaniaphobiaA fear of suffering from an imaginary disease
NosophobiaA fear of becoming ill
NostophobiaA fear of returning home
NovercaphobiaThe fear of one's stepmother
NucleomitophobiaA fear of atomic energy or nuclear weapons
NumerophobiaA fear of numbers
NyctophobiaA fear of darkness or night
ObesophobiaThe fear of gaining weight
OchlophobiaA fear of crowds
OchophobiaA fear of riding in automobiles
OdontophobiaThe fear of teeth
OdynophobiaA fear of pain
OenophobiaThe fear of wine
OikophobiaA fear of one's home
OinophobiaThe fear of wine
OlfactphobiaA fear of odors
OmbrophobiaA fear of rain
OmmatophobiaA fear of eyes
OmphalophobiaFear of belly buttons
OnamatophobiaA fear of names
OneirophobiaA fear of dreams
OphidiophobiaA fear of snakes
OphiophobiaSee ophidiophobia
OphthalmophobiaThe fear that one is being stared at
OpsimathiphobiaA fear of learning something too late
OptophobiaA fear of opening one's eyes
OrnithophobiaA fear of birds
OrnithoscelidaphobiaA fear of dinosaurs
OrthophobiaA fear of correctness
OrthpolitiphobiaA fear of political correctness
OsculaphobiaA fear of kissing
OsmidrosiphobiaA fear of body odour or sweat
OsmophobiaA fear of odors
OsphresiophobiaA fear of odors
OsphresiophobiaA fear of Body Odour
OstraconophobiaA fear of shellfish
OstreophobiaA fear of shellfish, especially oysters
OuranophobiaSee uranophobia
PagophobiaA fear of ice or frost
PantaphobiaA fear of lack of fear
PantophobiaA fear of everything
PapaphobiaA fear of the pope or the papacy
PapyrophobiaA fear of paper
ParalipophobiaA fear of responsibility
ParasitophobiaA fear of parasites
ParaskevidekatriaphobiaThe fear of Friday the 13th
Parthenophobia( por-then-o-fo - bee-uh ) The fear of virgins
PathenophobiaThe fear of virgins
PathophobiaA fear of disease
PatroiophobiaA fear of hereditary diseases
PaxophobiaA fear of peace
PeccatiphobiaA fear of sin or of sinning
PediatricophobiaA fear of having to take care of children
PediculophobiaA fear of lice
Pediophobia1. A fear of children
Pediophobia2. A fear of dolls
PeladophobiaA fear of people who are bald
PeniaphobiaA fear of poverty
PenphobiaThe fear of writing or of the written word
PentheraphobiaFear of Mother in Law
PeristerophobiaA fear of pigeons
PhagophobiaA fear of eating or swallowing
PhalacrophobiaA fear of going bald
PhalacrophobiaFear of going bald
PharmacophobiaA fear of medicine or drugs
PhasmophobiaA fear of ghosts
PhengophobiaThe fear of the Sun or of sunlight
PhigerophobiaSee pnigophobia
PhilemaphobiaA fear of kissing
PhilematophobiaSee philemaphobia
PhilophobiaA fear of love or of falling in love
PhilosophobiaA fear of philosophy or philosophers
PhobologophobiaThe fear of words about fears
PhobophobiaA fear of being afraid
PhonophobiaThe fear of sound
PhobophobiaA fear of Fears
PhotoaugiaphobiaA fear of glaring lights or being in the spot light
PhotophobiaA fear of light
PhronemophobiaThe fear of thinking
PhthiriophobiaA fear of lice
PhthisiophobiaThe fear of tuberculosis
PlacophobiaThe fear of tombstones
PluviophobiaA fear of rain
PneumatophobiaA fear of air
PnigophobiaA fear of choking
PogonophobiaA fear of beards
PoinephobiaA fear of punishment
PoliticophobiaA fear of politicians
PolyphobiaA fear of many things
PonophobiaThe fear of overworking
PorphyrophobiaA fear of the color purple
PotamophobiaA fear of rivers
PotophobiaA fear of drinking alcohol
ProcrescophobiaThe fear of gaining weight
PropinquiphobiaA fear of being too close
ProsophobiaA fear of progress
PsellismophobiaThe fear of stuttering
PsychophobiaA fear of the mind
PsychrophobiaA fear of cold
PteronophobiaA fear of feathers
**PteroonophobiaA fear of Feathers
PyrexiophobiaA fear of fever
PyrophobiaA fear of fire
RadiophobiaThe fear of radiation
RectiphobiaA fear of being corrected
RedactophobiaA fear of editing or of editors
RegiphobiaA fear of a king or kings
RhabdophobiaA fear of magic
RhabdophobiaA fear of sticks or rods, or of being beaten with them
RhabdophobiaThe fear of being beaten with a stick
RhypophobiaSee rupophobia
RhytiphobiaFear of getting wrinkles
RupophobiaA fear of dirt
SarmassophobiaA fear of love play, especially in women
ScatophobiaA fear of excrement
ScelerophobiaA fear of evil men, such as burglars or muggers
SciaphobiaA fear of shadows
SciophobiaSee sciaphobia
ScoleciphobiaThe fear of worms
ScolionophobiaA fear of school
ScopophobiaA fear of Being looked at
ScotomaphobiaA fear of scotoma, (having spots before your eyes)
ScotophobiaA fear of darkness or of the night
ScriptophobiaThe fear of writing or of the written word
SelacophobiaA fear of sharks
SelaphobiaA fear of flashing lights or strobe lights
SelenophobiaA fear of the moon
SeptophobiaA fear of decay or decaying matter
SiderodromophobiaFear of railroads or trains
SiderophobiaThe fear of stars
SimphobiaThe fear of speaking straight forwardly and in simple terms
SinistrophobiaA fear of the left side or things on the left side
SitiophobiaA fear of food
SkiaphobiaSee sciaphobia
SoceraphobiaA fear of parents in law
SociophobiaThe fear of society or friendship
Sophophobia1. A fear of knowledge or wisdom
Sophophobia2. A fear of learning
SpectocloacaphobiaThe fear of one's eyeglasses falling in the sewer
SpectrophobiaA fear of mirrors
SpheksophobiaA fear of Wasps
StasibasiphobiaThe fear of standing and walking
StasiphobiaThe fear of standing (for fear of falling)
StaurophobiaA fear of crucifxes
StenophobiaA fear of narrow places
StygiophobiaA fear of hell
SuriphobiaA fear of mice or rats
SwinophobiaA fear of pigs or swine
SymmetrophobiaThe fear of symmetry
SyngenesophobiaA fear of relatives
TachophobiaThe fear of speed
TaeniophobiaSee teniophobia
TaeniophobiaThe fear of tapeworms
Taphephobia1. A fear of graves
Taphephobia2. Fear of being buried alive
TapinophobiaA fear of small things
TaurophobiaA fear of bulls
TechnophobiaThe fear of technology
TeleophobiaA fear of religious ceremonies
TeniophobiaThe fear of tapeworms
TeratophobiaA fear of deformed people
TeratophobiaA fear of monsters or of having a deformed child
TextophobiaA fear of certain fabrics
ThaasophobiaA fear of sitting
ThalassophobiaA fear of the sea or an ocean
ThanatophobiaA fear of death
TheologicophobiaThe fear of theology
TheophobiaA fear of Gods or the wrath of God
TheophobiaThe fear of God
ThermophobiaA fear of heat
ThixophobiaThe fear of touching or being touched
TocophobiaA fear of childbirth
TomophobiaThe fear of surgery
TonitruphobiaThe fear of thunder
Topophobia 1.A fear of performing
Topophobia 2.A fear of a particular place
Topophobia1.A fear of performing
Topophobia2. A fear of a particular place
ToxicophobiaA fear of poison or being poisoned
ToxicophobiaSee toxiphobia
ToxiphobiaA fear of poison or being poisoned
TraumatophobiaA fear of injury
TremophobiaThe fear of trembling
TrichinophobiaThe fear of trichinosis
TrichopathophobiaA fear of hair disease
TrichophobiaA fear of hair
TriskaidekaphobiaA fear of the number thirteen
TropophobiaA fear of changes or making changes
TrypanophobiaA fear of injections or inoculations
TuberculophobiaFear of tuberculosis
TuristaphobiaThe fear of contaminated water
TuristaphobiaThe fear of travelling
TyrannophobiaThe fear of tyrants
UranophobiaA fear of heaven
UredophobiaSee urticariaphobia
UrophobiaThe fear of urine or urinating
UrticariaphobiaA fear of itching
VaccinophobiaThe fear of vaccinations
VenustaphobiaThe fear of beautiful women
VerbophobiaThe fear of words
VermiphobiaThe fear of worms (or germs?)
VestiphobiaA fear of clothing
ViciniphobiaA fear of neighbors or a neighborhood
VirginitiphobiaA fear of being raped
VitricophobiaThe fear of one's stepfather
WalloonphobiaFear of the Walloons
WiccaphobiaFear of witches and witchcraft
XanthophobiaFear of the color yellow or the word yellow
XeniatrophobiaA fear of going to strange or foreign doctors
XenodochiophobiaA fear of foreign hotels
XenoglossophobiaFear of foreign languages
XenonosocomiophobiaA fear of pick pockets, especially foreign ones
XenophobiaA fear of strangers or foreigners
XerophobiaA fear of dryness or dry places
XylophobiaA fear of forests or of woods
XyrophobiaFear of razors
ZelophobiaA fear of jealousy or intense emotion
ZemmiphobiaFear of the great mole rat
ZeusophobiaFear of God or gods
ZoophobiaA fear of animals